Wind Power Backers, Foes Air Views in Underwood

"Todd Myers, executive director of WindWorks! Northwest, said he supported the conclusions of the Draft Environmental Impact Statement..."

Bidding on Health Care Online

"How much does that medical procedure cost? A new Seattle-based Web site allows you to find out--and compare prices at clinics."

New bioscience worker training program launched

"Anyone who turns up at a job center in Oregon will get help looking for work. But as Kristian Foden-Vencil reports some people are likely to get more help than others."

Hats off to new tobacco bill

"Senate Bill 734 requires insurers in Oregon to include reimbursement of at least $500 for enrolled members who enter physician-recommended tobacco cessation programs that follow U.S. Public Health Service guidelines."

Senate Bill 734 passes

"The bills that passed include a tax increase on smokeless tobacco, a mandate that health insurers cover costs of cessation programs and a ban against tobacco vending machines from areas accessible to minors."

Hospital Guide Helps Patients Navigate their Care

"After his mother was hospitalized, a Seattle man created a guide that helps patients and their families negotiate their hospital stay."

Web site lets you shop for health care

"Sarah Ames had already started treatment for invisible braces with another provider when a friend suggested The Web site lets you compare prices and even make an offer."

Smokers Need Help to Kick Their Habit

"It is said that most smokers will eventually become ex-smokers of their own volition, but there are many who need more assistance. Health professionals need to screen and advise them on how to quit smoking in a manner that best suits their needs." more...

Water Wars

"The need for clean water is absolutely a no-brainer, but what is reasonable to pull that off? That is the question in a bitter battle that made it all the way to the Supreme Court and now is in the hands of Congress, debating a controversial fix." more...

Legislators "Make the Cut" for Foster Kids

Legislators putted throughout the Capitol Building for the third annual June Leonard Memorial Mini Golf Tournament, a unique event that helps raise money and awareness for Washington’s State’s foster kids. more...

Hospital partners for affordable prescriptions

“Free and reduced-cost prescriptions are available to South Peninsula residents as part of nationwide effort to link low-income, uninsured and underinsured patients with prescription assistance programs.” more...

Doug Sutherland Faces New Challenger

“Doug has worked in a very bipartisan way with this governor and the previous governor to create strategies that everyone can agree on. I’m happy to compare the diversity of Doug’s support to the narrowness of Peter Goldmark’s support any day.” more...

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